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WIN4 Sommerbar

WIN4 Sommerbar

Diesen Sommer starten wir die WIN4 Sommerbar auf der Dachterrasse vom Kubus. Geniesst mit uns an den After-Work Abenden einen Drink oder kommt zu einzelnen EM-Spielen vorbei. Die Aussicht und Athmosphäre hoch über dem Deutweg ist sicher einmalig.

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New at WIN4:

A meeting place for everyone

Embedded in the sports park Deutweg, the sport- und health-business-park WIN4 is currently being built on a plot of more than 25,000 m2. As the name suggests, 4 areas form the cornerstones of the business park. Comprehensive offers in the areas of sports, health, education and events make WIN4 a widely supported centre for the entire population.

With its orientation towards the sports city of Winterthur and beyond, the project sets important signs. Top sports clubs will be able to reposition themselves on the site thanks to a modern sports arena and a broad range of complementary offerings, while mass sports will benefit in particular from the expanded range of indoor facilities.

WIN4 not only creates professional structures for competitive and mass sports, but is also a holistic centre for sports, health, education and events in the greater Zurich area. This makes it a meeting place for business, politics, culture and society. In other words: a meeting place for everyone.

The city's support is also a clear commitment to strengthening local innovative strength, urban development and thus the promotion of Winterthur as a business location. Another positive effect of the project is the numerous additional jobs that will be created. WIN4 will once again significantly upgrade the existing sports park Deutweg.


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