Activ Fitness

Activ Fitness are the training centres of Migros. They are designed according to the latest findings and offer high-quality fitness training for strength, endurance, mobility and coordination. The scientifically based training includes comprehensive, free tests for customers. This allows the training to be precisely and individually tailored to the individual customer.

Cantonal Hospital Winterthur / Medbase

Medbase and the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital combine their expertise and jointly offer a first-class medical and therapeutic range of services at the WIN4 sports centre. Top-class and popular sportsmen and women benefit from optimal care and are accompanied on the way to their goals in various areas.

Swissbiomechanics - Biomechanics and orthopaedic technology at the highest level

As a leading provider of clinical running and gait analysis, seat position, posture and foot analysis  in various renowned clinics in Switzerland and the manufacture of orthopaedic insoles, we are committed to our patients and athletes


Zone 4 Performance

Z4P offers you an absolutely unique infrastructure that is perfectly tailored to the needs of ambitious athletes, top-class athletes and people with an affinity for sports. Z4P consists of a team of successful professional coaches and former top athletes. With our specially developed training philosophy, we offer you optimal supervision, correct your movement errors and ensure that you not only train efficiently and intensively, but also correctly.


The combination of harmonious body movements and sliding on the ice combined with the presentation and arousal of emotions. Figure skating combines all this with top sporting performance. SkateMotion was created in 2012 by teachers who have been teaching athletes from Winterthur's skating clubs for several years. SkateMotion wants to pass on their passion for this special sport to athletes of all levels.

Jennifer Fasciati

Beauty is visible well-being. Whoever feels comfortable in his body radiates this. For Jennifer Fasciati it is a priceless good fortune to make this feeling possible for customers! With her selection of beauty treatments from head to toe, she offers an exclusive range of products that can be individually adapted to every day life and for every person. The time with Jennifer Fasciati offers a time out for body, mind and soul. She will support you with her many years of experience to make your unique beauty visible. Using high quality products has always been important to her - all products she uses are produced without animal testing, are biocompatible and, if possible, from the region.

Perform Punkt AG

Perform Punkt AG specializes in personality development and performance enhancement in business and sports. Our experts will help you to achieve a sustainable performance improvement in the areas of business and sports using hypnosis. Our services are aimed at individuals as well as companies and clubs.  Furthermore, we also train hypnosis therapists in the areas of business and sport.


NOIVA is a charitable foundation, which was founded in Winterthur in 2010 and is currently mainly active in the Middle East, with a focus on Jordan. It is dedicated to two things: humanitarian aid and reconciliation work.


Whole-body cold therapy is used for medical applications, regeneration and performance enhancement in sports. Developed in the 80s, it is considered one of the most effective physical therapy options for rheumatic diseases. During the short-term treatment, the patient is exposed to extreme cold of up to -85 °C for a few minutes.