In WIN4 we consider environmental protection to be very important. Therefore, our company has taken several measures to ensure the long-term sustainability of resources. On the one hand, the WIN4 sports centre is 100% self-sufficient in energy supply, through the generation of photovoltaic energy. On the other hand, we use an intelligent hand washing system in our sports facilities, which uses much less water, soap and paper. Furthermore we take care of an efficient waste disposal.

Solar Energy

A solar system was built on the roof of the AXA ARENA. From the very beginning the aim was to feed the whole sports centre with energy. We expect a production of about 90 MWh per year.



Hand washing system

Smixin is a Swiss company specialized in intelligent hand washing systems. By using this system we can save thousands of litres of water per year in WIN4. Specifically Smixin uses 90% less water, 60% less soap and 60% less paper.