4 areas


Sports: Thanks to the modern sports arena and the extensive use of coats, competitive and popular sports will be able to reposition themselves. Athletes will thus have optimal training facilities and a generous range of halls for competition and training.


Health: The Health Centre for Sports and General Medicine, Sports Orthopaedics, Sports Traumatology, Radiology, Performance Diagnostics and Rehabilitation guarantees all-round care for athletes in all areas. Sports hypnosis, fitness and spa make the offer complete.


Education: The Olympic-certified sports school promotes, supports and trains athletes. A sports academy, but also the K&S School Winterthur, which combines art and sports education, guarantees the education of young sports talents and thus the future of sports.


Events: Competitions can be perfectly staged thanks to state-of-the-art technology, making them an attractive experience for the spectators. The multifunctional lounge is available to representatives from sports, business, politics and culture.